Why can't I get token in response of Huawei Push Kit?

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why response HmsInstanceId.getInstance always empty. in first time token comes to onNewToken, but why always String token = HmsInstanceId.getInstance(MainActivity.this).getToken(appId, "HCM"); empty and how I could get this token?

The device EMUI version is earlier than 10 returns null, and then the token is returned from the onNewToken callback. You can refer this Docs.

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token assigned to the phone, but if my app has two users, how I could assign token fore each user in one app?

Huawei Push tokens are associated with devices and do not differentiate users. However, you can bind a user to a token based on your service. I don't know what your specific application scenario is. Maybe you can try to getToken every time you log in and deleteToken every time you log out.

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